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universidade lusófona

What is MagLab?

MagLab - Magazine Media Lab is the first international research Lab specialized in the field of Magazine Studies. Its primary goal is the aggregation, consolidation and development of Magazine Studies as an independent field of study.

MagLab is part of CICANT, a research centre from Universidade Lusófona, developing its activities with autonomy and independence. It has integrated researcher Carla Rodrigues Cardoso as scientific coordinator and integrated researcher Ana Figueiras as assistant scientific coordinator. MagLab also counts on Tim Holmes in its team as adviser. Tim Holmes Professor Emeritus from Cardiff University, the Founder of Magazine Studies in Europe and of Mapping the Magazine, the first international conference in the field of magazine studies.

MagLab is supported by CICANT’s know-how, which focuses on applied research, dissemination, and knowledge transfer to the community. This research lab develops research on magazines and work with the industry, aiming at transforming and developing this medium in the digital world.

Our goals

  1. Promote research and training within the scope on the magazine digital transition.
  2. Develop applied research in the area of ​​Magazine Studies.
  3. Develop a community of researchers who study the magazine medium.
  4. Raise the debate with the magazine industry to exchange knowledge, identify needs, and define solutions.