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Ivan Bomfim

Professor at the Department of Journalism and in the Post-Graduate Program in Journalism at the State University of Ponta Grossa (UEPG). Member of ALAIC (Latin American Association of Communication Researchers), and current coordinator of the Interest Group “International Communication” in the association. Also member of Intercom – Brazilian Society for Interdisciplinary Communication Studies.

Has post-doctorate degrees in Communication Sciences by Unisinos and in Journalistic Processes by PPG in Journalism at UEPG. Holds a PhD in Communication and Information from the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS) with a doctoral internship at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB), having also completed a master’s degree from UFRGS (2009-2011). Has a post-graduate degree in International Relations from PUC Minas (2008), and degrees in History from UFMG (2008) and Communications/Journalism from UNIBH (2006).

Author of Eles y nosotros: o interesse nacional nas revistas CartaCapital, Época, IstoÉ e Veja (Eles y nosotros: the national interest in the magazines CartaCapital, Época, IstoÉ and Veja), 2015. One of the organizers of the books: Cibercultura (Cyberculture), 2022; Mídia e Zeitgeist (Media and Zeitgeist), 2021; Mapeando cenas da música pop, vol. 1: cidades, mediações e arquivos (Mapping pop music scenes: cities, mediations and archives, vol. 1), 2017; and Mapeando cenas da música pop, vol. 2 (Mapping Scenes in Pop Music, Vol. 2: Materialities, Networks and Archives), 2019.

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