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MagLab Joins FIPP and Sustainability Committee

12 June, 2024

FIPP's 46th annual international congressFIPP's 46th annual international congress, held from June 4-6 in Cascais, witnessed an impressive gathering of over 500 delegates from nearly 50 countries. The event provided a vibrant platform for industry leaders to discuss the latest trends and network. Among the participants was Carla Rodrigues Cardoso, CICANT’s researcher and MagLab’s scientific coordinator, who was invited by FIPP to participate. MagLab's involvement underscores their commitment to shaping the future of the media industry.

FIPP is a key partner of MagLab and sponsor of the Future of Magazine International Conference, which will have its upcoming second edition in 2025. During the congress, FIPP extended an invitation to MagLab to join its Sustainability Committee. This committee is dedicated to developing a sustainability framework for FIPP members, grounded in existing industry standards.

Carla Rodrigues Cardoso, alongside Ana Figueiras, MagLab’s assistant scientific coordinator, attended their first FIPP Sustainability Committee meeting on June 5. Their participation marks a significant step towards integrating sustainable practices within the magazine sector and highlights MagLab's proactive role in driving industry-wide change.